Hampi is a jewel that contains all the characteristics of the Indian soul. A paradise is full of architectural and sculptural masterpieces, nature, mysticism, religion, flora and fauna, and above all the energy that is felt in this place. The Tungabhadra river its waters enhances the beauty of the Hampi hills, these formed by huge granite boulders, constitute the distinctive feature of the places, further embellished by coconut palms, rice fields, banana plantations and more. In 1400, Hampi was the second-largest city in the world after Beijing & the capital of the Vijayanagara empire, it was among the most modern and richest cities of the time. It was formerly called Pampasar and Kishkindha, from the name of a principality of the ape lineage mentioned in the epic Ramayana, which tells the life of the god Rama. In the city, you will encounter temples, palaces, and ruined markets, statues, and other works of art at every step. A stay in Hampi brings to life the true essence of the Indian soul, known for its spiritual, mystical, natural, and energetic richness.

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